Sustainable solutions delivered through sustainable business practice

At Mail Solutions, we recognise that we have a responsibility towards a range of stakeholders, including our people, clients, suppliers and the community. Our aim is to deliver best business practice, by taking into consideration the economic, social and environmental impact of all areas of our operations.

Health & Safety

Mail Solutions is committed to providing and maintaining a safe, flexible, supportive and healthy working environment for all employees and visitors.

Our approach to health and safety is based upon sensible risk management and complying with all relevant legislation, codes of practice and other health and safety standards.

We monitor health and safety performance to ensure we are doing everything necessary to minimise risk of injury or damage to health of any person, arising from our activities.


Environmental protection has been at the heart of Mail Solutions philosophy for many years!

We operate approved ISO14001 Environmental Management Systems to help achieve continuous environmental performance through efficient use of natural resources, reduction of waste and increased recycling.

Our aim is to minimise our environmental impacts by developing and implementing good business practices and initiatives. For further details please click here.

Community / Charitable Activities

Our relationship with the local community, charities and groups is an important part of the way in which we do business.

We continue to offer support to charities and organisations of all sizes, whether it be a financial donation, products or services, work opportunities, fundraising activities and events.

All employees are encouraged to take part in our community and charity programme, as it can help engagement and create a sense of togetherness, not only just with the local area but also with each other.

Our People

Being an employee owned company, our people are integral to the development and long-term success of the business.

Therefore, we have a real emphasis on employee engagement and wellbeing, by providing a safe and healthy working environment that embraces equality and diversity, with equal opportunities for personal development and rewarding benefits.

We want our people to be proud of where they work, have a sense of belonging and recognise that they have crucial role to play in the company.


We seek to build strong working relationships with our suppliers, by being honest, fair and supportive to achieve the highest standards possible in terms of quality, service, innovation and ensure social responsibility compliance.

Mail Solutions will not condone any dealings with organisations, which are guilty of human rights abuses or have endangered the environment or the safety of staff or third parties.