Green manufacturing for a sustainable future

Mail Solutions strives to ensure that its operations do not have a negative impact upon the community, which is why it continues to create and implement various eco-friendly initiatives with a focus on delivering a sustainable future for the benefit of everyone.

Renewable Energy

As part of our commitment to utilising renewable energy sources, we have invested in solar panel (PV) technology at our head office to convert natural solar radiation into valuable electrical power.

Our solar electricity system generates around 5% of the company’s energy requirements and in turn is utilised for envelope and print production.

Solar electricity is green renewable energy and does not release any harmful carbon dioxide or other pollutants, with a typical system saving around 1-2 tonnes of carbon per year.


With comprehensive recycling facilities, most waste generated by the company is extracted and segregated across multiple different streams (e.g. paper, plastic, cardboard) for recycling.

By introducing a universal recycling bin system throughout the company, covering both production and office environments, we have been able to meet our tough recycling targets.

Any general waste deemed unsuitable for recycling may be sent to a biomass-fired power plant and alternatively consumed as a fuel to produce electricity.

Tree Planting

Mail Solutions has created its own new tree plantation project at Telford, as part of its contribution towards combatting the threats associated with climate change and deforestation.

By developing such schemes, not only are we planting trees, we are also helping to preserve the local environment, enhance biodiversity and offset carbon dioxide emissions.

For each tree that we plant, it is estimated to remove 0.16 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere.

Lighting & Heating Management

We have low energy lights fitted throughout our sites, which are controlled by motion sensors and timers to reduce unnecessary power being wasted.

To help maintain building temperatures, we have also installed air filtration units in certain areas to re-circulate clean warm air that was previously exhausted externally.

By managing our heating and lighting requirements, we have significantly reduced our energy consumption, operational costs and pollution to the environment.

Energy Efficient Pumps

In conjunction with our recycling efforts, all envelope production machines are fitted with vacuum pumps to extract any surplus material generated during manufacture of the product.

All vacuum pumps are connected to a central computer system, so they are only functional when the associated production machine is in operation, thus minimising energy usage.

Eco Friendly Inks

We use eco-friendly water based inks at our Telford factory, which are made from natural ingredients that can be replanted or regrown.

Designed with a low viscosity, low foaming and fast drying qualities, the sustainable inks can deliver outstanding print quality including sharper image reproduction, due to lower dot gain.

As these inks are much easier and safer for our printers to use, this means less monitoring is required and potentially better production efficiencies.