Our Carbon Reduction Journey

19 July, 2022

Our Carbon Reduction Journey

Whether you are a business, organisation, customer or individual, sustainability is very much a key focus point and important challenge for us all. Especially in the current climate, as many strive to tackle areas such as waste, carbon emissions, energy consumption, with the aim of reducing their environmental impact and hopefully any costs savings.

Environmental management has been central to Mail Solutions strategy for many years. We have continued to analyse the footprint of our entire operation and demonstrated our ability to invest in any suitable new technologies and systems that deliver a wealth of sustainable benefits. Outlined below is a summary of the various eco-projects we have implemented as part of our carbon reduction journey since 2010.

Project Site Description Completion Year Annual Carbon Saving (tCO2) Annual Energy Saving (%)
Vacuum System
Motor Control
Telford Vacuum pumps connected to a central MIS, ensuring efficient operation of motors. 2011 13.5 2.0
Automatic Metering
System (AMS)
Telford Installation of AMS to help manage energy usage, highlight unusual consumption and target energy waste. 2012 21.5 3.0
Solar Panels (PV) Technology Telford Invested in solar panel (PV) technology to convert natural solar energy into valuable electrical power. 2012 14.0 2.0
LED Lighting
(Part 1)
Telford Factory fitted with LED lights, motion sensors and timers to reduce unnecessary power being wasted. 2014 23.0 3.5
Inverters / Motor Control Telford Installation of inverters to regulate power sent to motors controlling their torque and rotation speed. 2017 20.5 3.0
Compressed Air
Flow System
Telford Fitted air compressor controls and air flow meter to monitor pressure, flow rate and power usage. 2019 64.5 9.5
Vacuum Pump Interlock Value Telford New interlock valves installed on vacuum pumps, so they only operate when required. 2019 43.0 6.0
LED Lighting
(Part 2 & 3)
Telford Offices and warehouse fitted with LED lights, motion sensors and timers to reduce unnecessary power wastage. 2019 24.0 3.5
Waste Extraction
VSD Motor
Telford Installation of VSDs (Variable Speed Drives) to control speed of motors so they match operational demand. 2021 53.5 8.0
High Speed Roller Shutter Doors Telford Warehouse entrances fitted with high speed roller shutter doors to reduce heat loss, noise and pollution. 2021 25.0 3.5

Jon Higson, Group Finance Director said, “I think we’ve make some real good progress on our sustainability ambitions over the last 10 years. We’ve invested £150k across a variety of different projects, which has enabled us to reduce our emissions by 300+ tCO2 per year and delivered around 40% of energy savings during the same period. We still have a long way to go, but it’s exciting knowing we already have more carbon reduction initiatives to commence during the second half of 2022.”

“As much as I’m honoured to have taken on the Environmental leadership role for Mail Solutions within recent years, I would like to stress that this is very much a collective effort. We really do have a passionate team at Mail Solutions that are all very driven to making a difference, but at the same time, we are also working with some fantastic partners as well that are giving great advice and support to us when needed“.

Envelopes Managing Director, Karl Lee, added, “We do aspire to be industry leaders on environmental matters and want to demonstrate to our stakeholders that we are taking action, not just words. I’m very proud of the company’s environmental accomplishments to date. We’ve achieved important certifications such ISO9001:2015, FSC and PEFC, but our next big target is to become a Net Zero business. Further details on these plans we hope to publish later this year.”